5 Point agenda for river conservation

  • 1) What is river?

    River is not merely a flowing stream of river, rather history of human civilization, dreams & hopes of society, religion, culture, livelihood & some time tears flows with river. Being complex system of the various interlinked components; human understanding about it is imperfect. Thus, our attitude about river & its conservation must be experimental & adaptive.

    2) River is litmus paper.

    In order to understand the direction of development of any region, one should look towards rivers of that area. The degrading state of rivers of any given area is an indicator of the unsustainable development, over use of resources & conflicts among various human groups.

    3) Basic reason behind degradation of rivers

    Today’s condition of our riverine resources is an effect; effect of ecological degradation in the basin area. Without directly impacting on the river one can degrade river by doing ecological destructions in the basin area.

    4) Direction of the river conservation

    To conserve river it is essential to go beyond river itself & must concentrate on the basin area. If we can able to do eco-restoration in the basin area & if we deploy people’s power to do so automatically the goal of river conservation will be achieved.

    5) Beyond River conservation

    During river conservation work we must be able to solve the problems of various human groups, their livelihood, agriculture, forest, grass lands, streams & so on. During river revival we must able to strengthen local natural resource base, must rejuvenate local decision making & conflict resolution systems. During riverine resource conservation every agriculture field must get water for irrigation, every hand should get work & ultimately the Gandhi’s dream of Gram Swaraj (Village republic) must be achieved.